Reviews and Discount Codes

Wheel and component discount codes! As you know, these only get promoted if they pass my thorough testing. Poorly engineered products don't get a discount code - that is the model of my channel. It pushes brands to do better without marketing drivel. Simple. Full review videos including aero, stiffness and tolerance data can be found on my YouTube channel PEAKTORQUE

Farsports discount codes: These codes work on and

PEAKTORQUE150 ( wheelsets)

PEAKTORQUE50 ( components, and wheelsets)

Winspace discount codes:

PEAKTORQUE10 for 10% discount at

Elite Wheels discount codes: 

PEAKTORQUE for 15% discount at

Black Friday Code: PT-BF (18% OFF) (6am November 20th, 2023 -6am November 30th, 2023 GMT)

9Velo wheels discount codes:

9VeloPK10 10% code at

One of the best up and coming brands with amazing quality and tolerance H-Works hubs. 

ICAN wheels discount codes:

PEAKTORQUE754  5% discount code on Aero range at